Positive. Passionate. Experienced.

Providing superior direction, management and exit strategies for REO’s & NPL’s.

Competitive solutions for bank and mortgage organizations seeking to increase profitability and maintain liquidity while decreasing earnings volatility and managing risk.

Positively contributing to the emergence of a stronger, healthier real estate & residential mortgage market.

We are a subsidiary marketing entity functioning to identify opportunities on behalf of distinctly positioned, special-situation, real estate investment corporations.

We seek companies holding REO’s and NPL’s desiring to strengthen their balance sheets and mitigate capital impairments. Mortgage Funding Solutions is not a financial service company, but rather we operate as a primary marketing liaison.

We are extremely confident in our market partners’ capacities and industry-leading processes; we trust you will be delighted in the outstanding service and results they provide as well.

Services Provided By Our Affiliates

Asset Purchases

Purchase and sale opportunities regardless of loan performance or underwriting circumstances. Timely and competitive risk-based pricing for singular or pools of loans. Investor fallout, scratch & dent, performing to non-performing loans.

Managed Relationships

Consistent attention placed on relationship maintenance. Focused on superior performance standards for reduced set-up time, bid request and closing timeframes.

Warehouse Line Management

Liquidity assistance for loans on your line. Purchase of assets affected by investor or credit overlays. Purchase of aged assets or unique and challenging loans.